Think you can lie through your teeth in an interview?

Think you can lie through your teeth in an interview?

Lying is a common behaviour, in fact 96 percent of people admit to lying at least sometimes. While that is the case, #CitadelSearchSays to never lie during interviews.

An extract of our interview with a candidate explains why:

– Candidate: ‘How do you know I am not speaking the truth?’

– Citadel Search: ‘You could lie to me, but an experienced recruiter will know they are lies.’

Lying to a recruiter in an interview exposes your weakness immediately. You would have tainted, or even ruined your chances to obtain the job. The consequences are far-reaching as both the recruiter and client are likely to blacklist you for your dishonesty.

If you are ever considering to paint a false picture of yourself, keep in mind that even if you manage to pull through that lie, you will struggle with new job expectations.

Integrity is everything. Do yourself a favour by telling the truth.

Have you encountered such candidates who unfortunately had to lie to cover up the previous lie? We would love to know. Share your experience in a post and don’t forget to tag Citadel Search!

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