Our Search Process - Analysing the DNA

Our Search Process

With more than a decade worth of Executive Search experience filling key roles, we understand your Talent Acquisition needs and it is our promise that our search process can deliver. Roles need to be filled efficiently with excellent talents  in order for your organisation to gain a competitive edge.

Need a job vacancy filled? Our search process will generate effective solutions to your recruitment needs.

The strength of our process lies in our ability to tap on the diverse network of resources we own. Our vast network of industry leaders, key decision makers, databases and robust research methodology enables us to identify the candidates that best fits your organisation. Within this claim lies a belief – that we can understand the mandate of the job and identify your organisation’s specialised staffing needs and its culture.

How can we make this promise? We practice the same process when hiring our Executive Search consultants too.

Our 7-Step Search Methodology

  • Ascertaining the DNA of the mandate
  • Define the Search Strategy
  • Research and Market Mapping
  • Candidate Interviews using Competency-Based Interview techniques
  • Candidate Reports are presented to clients for selection
  • Client Interviews with shortlisted candidate
  • Candidate Offer and Reference Checks