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Citadel Search Coffee Chat – Current Challenges for the HR Industry

Citadel Search Coffee Chat – Current Challenges for the HR Industry

In this episode of Coffee Chat, we invited Grace Loo - a HR veteran of over 15 years - to join us in a conversation to discuss the current challenges in the HR Industry amidst the COVID19 situation. Together with Cindy, our Managing Director, they will talk about difficulties organisations are facing and provide some solutions for enterprises to consider.

This video is hosted by Alvin Wang - our Consultant at Citadel Search.

COVID19 restriction loosens: it is time to return to the office

COVID19 restriction loosens: Time to return to the office

The Singapore government announced that COVID19 restriction loosens, more people can go back to the office for work by April 5. Here is one of our writer's personal opinion on how remote working has affected Work Life Balance in 2020.


Citadel Search Video: Employee Outsourcing Services

Here's why you should use Employee Outsourcing Services

What is Employee Outsourcing Services? How can it help you with your HR needs? How can this service benefit your company? Watch the video here to find out.

dependant pass holder is the spouse or unmarried child of the Singaporean or PR

From May 2021: Dependant's Pass holders have to apply for work passes in order to work in Singapore

From May 2021 onwards, a letter of consent from the Ministry of Manpower is no longer the document you need for Dependant's Pass (DP) holders to get a job in Singapore. The DP holders, spouse or unmarried child of a Singaporean or permanent resident, will need to apply for a Work Pass in the future if he/she wants to work in Singapore.

We feel it is important to share this important news, read the news article to find out why the Ministry of Manpower is making this move.

Candidate Success Stories

Candidate Success Story - Grace Loo

How does Citadel Search stand out? It is with great pleasure that we invited Grace Loo, one of our candidates, for a coffee chat to share how Citadel supported her job search journey during the unprecedented year of 2020. Through her conversation with our Citadel Consultant, Alvin, Grace narrated how Cindy, our Managing Director, provided her advice at every stage of her application and built a good rapport with her throughout the process.

#CitadelBytes: Attend to details – Otherwise, how can anyone reach you?

Have you recently failed an interview but are not quite sure what happened? Do you wish someone would give you quality advice? Are you ready for actual interview situations that you can take away lessons from?

With 14 years of experience in Recruiting and Executive Search, Citadel Search is the best person to come to! Riding on our expertise, we are starting our very own new series hashtag CitadelBytes, where we publish lessons from working with both client and candidate. These are ordinary anecdotal stories which surface brilliant tips that will propel you towards success. Read our first #CitadelBytes here now.


#CitadelBytes: Think you can lie through your teeth in an interview?

Do you speak to impress? Don't make the deadly mistake of lying.

Read our second #CitadelBytes here now.

3 Things Interviewer Should Do

3 Things Interviewer Should Do: During an interview process, candidates are deciding whether they want to work for you just as much as you are trying to decide whether to hire them. Here are our 3 Top Tips to impress your candidate and advocate your company effectively.


Everybody Has A Story - Shikhar Kapoor

For today’s edition of #EverybodyHasAStory, let’s spice things up with a video! We invited our previous intern Shikhar Kapoor back to share his story. Watch till the end to learn how his #internship enabled him to land a job in the UK! Watch it over here.

#CitadelSearchSays #EverybodyHasAStory

Everybody Has A Story - Bryan Ng

In May & June, Citadel Search is launching a new theme: ‘Daily Specialty’, inspiring you with stories of people’s lives and reminders that the mundane may also be special if only we bother to look deeper. Citadel Search continues on a daily basis to inspire you! Watch it over here.

Today, let us excite you in our showcase of our first #DailySpecialty of one of our happy candidate, Bryan Ng, a fresh graduate taking on a road less travelled. Think Contracting is lacklustre?

Here is what our candidate, Bryan, has to say. #CitadelSearchSays #EverybodyHasAStory

Do you know what are the Top 4 Jobs in Singapore in 2018?

Take a look at our very own info-graphic, over here. We have put together this info-graphic to share some of our research with you.

Here's what's hot in the job market!

ASEAN Today Feature - Is Singapore doing enough to keep up with the rapidly changing job market?

Do you think Singapore is doing enough to keep up with the rapidly changing job market? Read this article to find out about Citadel Search's Managing Director, Cindy Yeo's, views on this topic.

“The millennials, more than other generations, understand the importance of intellectual sustainability through implementing life-long learning and practical skills,” explained Cindy Yeo, managing director of recruitment firm Citadel Search. “They are more prone to understand the future demands of the workforce and work towards obtaining skills which might be attractive to a potential employer.”

Have You Stopped Learning?

To be honest, one never stops learning. Every single day you learn something new, regardless of whether you're a junior executive or a Board Director. And THAT is the beeauty of life, because not everything you learn has to do with your career.

LIFE LESSONS are what shape you for who you are. Here is one of our candidates, Oscar Perez, sharing the importance of implementing Lifelong Learning in his life and how it has helped him over the years.

Watch this video to understand how embracing the concept of Lifelong Learning can change your views

A Week in the Life of a Digital and Recruitment Intern

Quick Sneak Peak - Life of our Digital and Recruitment Intern, Nikhita Joshi.

We make sure that our interns not only learn but also contribute as much as they can at Citadel Search.

Watch this video to get a sneak peak and see if this something you would like to try!

Get A Job! - Partnering Effectively with Headhunters

Do you struggle with finding suitable roles?

Cindy Yeo, Owner of Citadel Search, presents how you can partner effectively with Headhunters as a job seeker. Also in this video, Oscar discloses his methods on differentiating and personifying the person behind the resume, before imparting 3 Key Tips on constructing a great CV.

Watch this video to gain insights and an upper hand when getting into the job market.


Don't Just Work, Network

Networking: Oscar Perez discloses just how valuable Networks and Networking were for him throughout his career, his formula to networking actively and correctly, a real life case on how Social Media landed him a job and the steps he recommends on how to use Social Media as a PMET.

Watch this video to gain insights about networking and building new contacts!

Into The Crosshairs – 3 Strategies on How Companies Can Use Headhunters to Their Advantage

Whether it’s the anonymous calls, the perceived superficial interest in your business or the commission-based placements model, Headhunters have a notorious image for being manipulative sales-people who treat clients and candidates as nothing more than prospects to fill their pockets.

What may come as a surprise to you, however, is that a Headhunter’s job is far from over simply when a candidate is placed; rather, a quality Headhunting firm will partner with a company and candidate throughout the entire recruiting, interviewing, hiring AND on-boarding process to ensure a successful hire is made.

In this article, we take you through 3 strategies on how and why your business can partner and benefit from quality Headhunting firms, such as Citadel Search.

Invasion of Innovation – 3 perspectives on Singapore’s status as an Innovation Powerhouse

Former Head of Civil Service, Lim Siong Guan, stated that Singapore is not immune from falling, with even slower growth predictions ahead for the Singapore Economy.

To break out of this mode, Mr. Lim states that Singapore needs a "culture of innovation". Innovation has to "fill you, and even overwhelm you".

With Singapore ranked as the No.1 country in Asia for Innovation in 2017, find out what we at Citadel Search think is the true status of Innovation in Singapore and what we as a country can do to improve its prospects in the long term.

Dealing With Unemployment - Oscar Perez

Oscar Perez, an internationally experienced Senior Leader with a career spanning over 25 years, started out as a simple Tradesman with no management experience. A candidate of Citadel Search, Oscar’s transformation into a seasoned management veteran highlights the possibilities a positive attitude a never-ending desire to learn bring to overall success in life.

Dealing with Unemployment: Oscar details his journey on being retrenched in 2016, how cycling gave an extra dimension to his personality that enabled him to bounce back and his 3 key advices for Senior Candidates who may find themselves in a position of un-employment.

Watch the video on our Facebook profile now!

Dealing With Unemployment - 5 Insightful Ways to Escape the Unemployment Slump

In his speech to the parliamentary floor earlier this year, Minister of Manpower Mr Lim Swee Say talked about the developments of the Singapore Economy in the past year. In it, he describes the unemployment situation in Singapore and how our Government is looking to improve the situation through schemes to help our PMETs.

With our decade in Executive Search working with candidates, we at Citadel Search wish to share 5 Key Tips we believe can help you combat unemployment.

Read them here, or visit our LinkedIn and Facebook profiles for more information.

Love What You Do, Do What You Love

Throughout our careers, there will be times when we question our life choices. What is controversial is the
ongoing debate between the choice to seek out and do what you love, or to stay in career and grow to love
what you do. Whether you are one of our fine candidates or distinguished clients, this will definitely apply to
us all.

Read more to learn about what we think about this topic.

More Than Just Good Grades

Internships give secondary school and junior college students a view into the working world and help them decide their career paths.

The Talent Shortage : Manpower Challenges In The Medical Sector

The huge strides in the medical sector - both in drug manufacturing and clinical care - are matched by its challenges, the hunt for talent. Here's a look at the factors affecting the health of these growing arenas.