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Transforming Passions into Careers

"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life"


Every individual has a special talent to offer to the world. We all lead lives pursuing a greater goal unique to every individual, and working towards a career which inspires and brings out the best in us can lead us closer towards that destination. Beyond this career lies a calling, a yearning deep within our hearts that compels us to reach outside and touch the world.

And that is what we are all about.

At Citadel Search, we believe in the power of our career to transform lives. It is our passion that fuels this work, igniting our drive to grow our strengths and develop our personalities. What motivates us is our desire to help others pursue their dreams, inspire career restructures or even achieve career leaps.

As Executive Search Consultants, our ultimate goal is to transform lives. Do you enjoy challenging yourself intellectually? Do you enjoy bringing people together? Do you have what it takes to understand the intricate needs of both clients and candidates to fulfil them?

If you think you can enjoy and find meaning in this work, you will find fulfilment as part of our Citadel Search family.

People development is important to us. We believe in nurturing the seeds we sow. It is our promise to you to cultivate your individuality and developing skills and experience. You will see yourself making career turns in Citadel Search with our commitment to provide you with developmental feedback, training resources and career coaching.

So welcome aboard, and let us position you for success!


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