Testimonials from Candidates

Testimonials from Our Candidates

Citadel Search changed my impression of Recruiters. You cared about my interest and gave me personal attention which I had never experienced from other Recruiters. My consultant took the time to get to know me, and to make sure my personal and professional goals could be met by the opportunity before presenting me as a candidate. My consultant went the extra mile throughout the entire process. Without his counsel, this opportunity would not be mine today. He made my experience a truly pleasant one.

Candidate placed as a Sales Manager in a Process Equipment and Engineering Company

It was a pleasure to know you and your staff at Citadel. Your professionalism during our interviews made it comfortable for me to share my experiences with you. I trust and believe that you definitely have the best interests of your candidates in mind. I look forward keeping you as a friend, candidate or even a customer if the opportunity arises.

Candidate interviewing for a HR Manager role - Pharmaceutical Industry

Citadel adopts a pro-active and professional approach in matching and managing expectations from not only my perspective but the employer's as well. I found the process very sincere and engaging. I would like to thank Citadel for your excellent service and approach to recruitment!

Candidate placed as Marketing Manager - Financial Services & Insurance Industry

It was a pleasure interviewing with Citadel. You have conducted a very detailed interview with me and provided me personal and honest advice, making it a point to understand and identify not only the clients' needs but also what candidates (like me) want to achieve in our careers. You strive to find the right fit and match for both the client and the candidate which makes Citadel a trusted Executive Search Company. Thank you for your efforts.

Candidate interviewing for an Accountant role - Petrochemicals Industry

I was provided with a career opportunity, and was taken through a very thorough and professional process which not only matched my experience to the clients' needs but also the aspects of the position to my own personal growth as well. This experience was refreshing and I see Citadel Search as having made two customers happy.

Candidate placed as Assistant Vice President - Financial Industry

Citadel Search has demonstrated commendable career consultation, profession matching, and employment application services to many job seekers. I've totally enjoyed the process and would continue to recommend your great services to many others.

Candidate interviewing for a PR Manager role - Consumer Goods Industry

Professionalism is observed throughout the whole process...you spent time in understanding my needs, wants and my past experiences. I appreciated the follow-up done and negotiation for the remuneration with my potential employer which met my expectations at the same time. Overall, I will rate Citadel Search's service as excellent!

Candidate placed as QA Manager, China - Electronic Components Industry

My experience of working with Citadel could not have been better. They were professional and dedicated. The consultant ensured that I was assigned to the right job that appealed and suited me perfectly. It was more then I could ever expected. I was fully prepped, updated at every step of the way. I fully appreciate everything that Citadel has done for me.

Candidate placed as an Analyst - For a global FMCG firm